Lorcan O'Shanahan
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League of Legends | Playmaker

Playmaker - League of legends

Riot games

I was fortunate enough to be welcomed back into Goldtooth Creative as one of the Mograph Artists to work on this campaign for Riot Games. Logistically speaking, this was probably one of the most complex projects I've worked on, due to the number of variables to keep track of within the game itself and making sure we were being as accurate as possible in depicting the real gameplay we were visualizing. 

The Scope of these videos was huge, so my part in the creation of these videos was minimal to be honest. Even though this was one of the tougher projects ive worked on it was still great be supporting such a talented team of 3D artists and on set crew who truly made this possible. Keeping this project organized was no easy feat either so a big thank you to everyone dealing with the clients meetings and feedback.



There was a couple of elements throughout these videos that I was responsible for creating and implementing into the VFX pipeline, below are a couple of those to give you a sense of how things came together. Plus its always cool to see effects over black!