Lorcan O'Shanahan

That’s a wrap!

NAB 2019 is finished, So I thought I’d share the project files from my talk.

The talk was a quick dive into a few of my personal explorations on my instagram profile. Each of the following mini-projects covers a slightly different topic related to Cinema 4D new Field system. Hopefully each build on the one before in a way that makes some sense and gives some context to how you can use them in your own work!


Encase you want to watch the walk though, my talk starts around 1:28:00


01. Field Growth Methods

A quick dive into the various methods and ways to use the Freeze modifier inside cinema 4D’s Field system to create Grey Scott-esque Reaction diffusion systems.

While simple, these methods can be incredibly useful for propagating anything across a surface in an organic way


02. Apple Decay Fields

A simple little setup builds on the previous growth systems by using it to restrict geometry deformations.


03. Hex Undulate

A little project exploring how to offset hexagonally symmetrical tiles by 60 degree increments * to creating an undulating sea of repeating patterns.